Bootlegging the Bootleggers by M.I.A. and Versus Versace

by Kaycee Hale

Luxury brand Versus Versace recently announced a show-stopping, foot-stomping fashion collaboration with Sri Lankan-British Grammy award-winning rapper, singer, and artist M.I.A.

This 19-piece collection that went on sale October 16 was inspired by actual Versace knock-offs that the singer saw on the fashion-forward streets of London. Versus Versace classic prints and brand images are featured in the men’s and women’s apparel. Included in the collection are printed jeans, dresses, silk shirts, t-shirts, and outerwear. Check out more great photos on PSFK in a recent article by Leah Gonzalez.

Bibby Sowray recently quoted M.I.A. as follows: “It’s always been part of the M.I.A. culture–to talk about bootlegs, and people that sell them or make them, she said. “When I was approached by Versace, it seemed like a good idea to take that and reverse the cycle. Versace designs have always been bootlegged, now it’s Versace bootlegging the bootleg for the bootleggers to bootleg the bootleg. This is to keep that cycle going.”

According to the collection description in the girls’ looks on the official Versus Versace website, “Versus Versace is an attitude. Bold. Youthful…, a choice of those who live to experiment–with clothes, with fashion, and with life. Versus reinvents classic Versace looks, creating cutting edge collections that transcend seasons.

Each creation makes a statement and the collections are not slaves to short-lived trends. Expect daring designs, sharp silhouettes, and op-art prints.”

M.I.A. is quite the busy young lady. Last year she, also, used her graphic art talents to collaborate with German beer company Beck’s for a series of limited edition label designs that were featured on their 12-ounce bottle labels.

You just go, Ms. M.I.A., with your merchandising mastery.


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