Careers in Fashion Merchandising: The Showroom Merchandise Marketing Assistant & the Showroom Manager

by Mani

For independent fashion designers, a fashion showroom is an essential part of their business where the majority of their sales are generated. Showrooms are where buyers visit to browse current designer collections and place orders from showroom representatives. A showroom may house a single fashion designer’s merchandise, or multiple fashion designers’ merchandise. Fashion merchandising colleges [...]

Careers in Fashion Merchandising: The Visual Merchandiser

by Mani

Another exciting career in the fashion industry is that of the Visual Merchandiser, whose role is to maintain a store’s visual appeal day to day, prompting sales and creating an enjoyable shopping experience. This could include styling mannequins, floor sets, fixtures and window displays to meet the company’s visual merchandising standards and directives. Sometimes a [...]

Fashion Merchandising Career: The Assortment Planner

by Mani

Another interesting career in the fashion merchandising industry is the Assortment Planner, also known as a Merchandise Planner. This role requires excellent analytical skills to monitor and evaluate the sales of a fashion company’s inventory to manage and develop merchandise assortment plans with the goal of maximizing sales, gross margin and inventory turn. The Assortment [...]

Careers in Fashion Merchandising: the Role of the Allocator

by Mani

We’ve explored the role of the fashion buyer in previous posts, discussing how professional buyers work together with other key professionals in the merchandise marketing department. After a buyer places an order for fashion merchandise at trade shows, showrooms and from vendors, what happens next? You might assume that merchandise goes straight from fashion designer’s warehouse to [...]

Careers in Fashion: The Brand Manager

by Mani

For fashion companies, one of the keys to success is managing what’s known as brand perception. “Brand perception and building an engaging brand story are fundamentals to consumer awareness, engagement and sales,” states Margaret Case Little, Senior Director of Communications for the National Retail Federation in a recent article, “How to create a better story [...]

Careers in Fashion: The Retail Store Designer/Store Planner

by Mani

Before a fashion retailer opens its doors to the public, there is a tremendous amount of interior design and other types of planning that takes place. When major retailers like Kohl’s, Urban Outfitters and True Religion open a new retail location, they look to the Store Designer, or Store Planner, to oversee the store’s appearance [...]