Fashion And Fine Dining In Jimmy Choo Style

by Kaycee Hale

Studying fashion merchandising exposes one to on many divergent business strategies, to various digital technologies, and down many creative pathways.

Of course when we learn about the creativity of fashion designers, shoe designers, textile designers, interior designers, etc., we simply marvel at how innovative they are. Their art and business partnerships astound us to no end.

Imagine for a moment that you’re in Munich. After a long morning of sightseeing, you want just the perfect afternoon tea experience. Because you’re a guest at the luxury Mandarin Oriental Hotel, you decide to continue to indulge yourself.

Now begin your fashion fantasy with one of the most famous internationally well known fashion brands. Think Jimmy Choo Afternoon Tea Service. OMG, is that not fashion and fine dining of the highest degree or what?

The Afternoon Tea Service is inspired by the shoe designer Choo’s Cruise 2014 collection, along with a range of dainty culinary treats crafted by superb pastry chefs. Imagine chocolate raspberry macaroons and Jimmy Choo handbags filled with chocolate. And oh why not? Let’s throw in a range of Caviar Shooters.

But if you didn’t manage to get to Munich before the last day of service which was February 28, then I guess you might have to just settle for a pair of JC shoes.

Net-A-Porter. This Jimmy Choo glitter-finished leather sandal catches the light at all angles. Made in Italy, the well-proportioned platform and ankle straps ensure that they are supportive even during long social events.

Nordstrom. Tri-color patent leather, expertly layered and shaped to fashion this graceful pointy-toe pump with daring cutouts and arch-exposing open sides. 3.25″ heel.

Quoting the Mandarin Hotel’s description, anything Jimmy Choo is a “must for those with a passion for fashion who want to enjoy the sweet temptations of life.”


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