Fashions & Accessories For Your Furry Friends

by Kaycee Hale

Rodeo Drive. Beverly Hills. The international fabulously famous 90210. Fashions for the well-heeled, couture chic, and oh-so-wealthy. How could they possibly want more? Well they did, and they do. What did they want?

They wanted the best wearing apparel and accessories, pet care services, ultra-premium organic foods, lifestyle-enrichment activity programs, and full-service pet grooming salon and spa for their animal family. Talk about living a dog’s life!

Janene Zakrajsek to the rescue. She’s the founder. She’s the Chief Creative Officer. She’s the entrepreneur. And most importantly, she’s the petrepreneur. Shall we say that her degree from FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising prepared her quite well to open four (count them “4”) locations of Pussy & Pooch?

Located in downtown Los Angeles, Belmont Shore, downtown Long Beach and now…Beverly Hills, this ultimate pet destination is a pet lifestyle boutique and pet spa. Zakrajsek’s neighborhood oasis offers a colorful and interactive social setting utilizing high quality products, unique services, and everyday essentials for the well-heeled kitty cat and puppy dog.

Zakrajsek doesn’t settle for the mundane in any shape, form, fashion, or interior—especially when she wanted a special ambiance created just for your furry friends. She hired FIDM interior design graduate Tracy Beckman to help her in her quest for the best. The Beverly Hills location is a two-story, 1200 square-foot center built around the Pawbar Café.

The Pethouse Boutique has shopping activities with a wide array of pet lifestyle products including pet fashion and accessories, pet beds and carriers, organic pet grooming and spa products, nutritional products, and oh-so-much more.

And what if you happen to want one of the couture fashions, accessories, etc. in a different design or fabric or color? You can custom order select products in the Style Studio. Decide on just the right fabric and accents for bedding and furniture. Pick out unusual leather and jewels for collars and leads. Choose to have an expert help you select the perfect outfit for your pet.

The retail services are awesomely unbelievable. There’s a Pawbar or in-store pet café with seating for 3 that serves freshly prepared meals for dining in or to go. The Kitchen & Bakery lets pets enjoy fresh from the oven and freshly prepared grab-and-go pet meals. Plus there’s a Meat Market, Grooming Facility, Wellness Spa, Training Lab, and even a Social Club. And yes—there is valet parking.

Yep, just another spa day in the 90210.

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