Hotel Marketing With Fashion Footwear Designs

by Kaycee Hale

Fashion merchandising keeps being reinvented to reflect today’s internationally savvy consumer. All types of businesses are looking for new and innovative ways to market their products and services. Fashion has been and will continue to be one of the most sought-after merchandise marketing vehicles.

A case in point is a fashion-forward project launched by the InterContinental Hotel Group. They decided to replace their hotel slippers in all properties across the UK and Germany in their Hotel Indigo properties. And what are the hotel slippers being replaced with? Sightseeing sneakers!

IHG  joined forces with the shoe design brand Superga to create limited-edition sightseeing shoes to encourage their hotel guests to tour and explore the local neighborhoods. Shoe design brand Superga is considered the ultimate stylish and comfortable shoe according to IHG’s Vice President Europe Brand Management Luxury & Upscale Brands Tom Rowntree.

Superga created an exclusive indigo pantone with a unique design sketched onto the insole of each shoe which is distinctive to that particular city. For example, a cotton reel sketch on the sole of the Hotel Indigo Liverpool guest shoes represents the cotton trading heritage of the city.

This marketing initiative is to showcase the fact that every Hotel Indigo property is designed to reflect the local surroundings, from its architecture and interior design to its locally-sourced gourmet menus.

And what kind of fashion power does Superga have going for itself? Check out their fabulous fashion sneakers.

So the next time you’re in a hotel, you might want to mention this marketing strategy to the manager. You never know when some fashionable sightseeing sneakers just might turn up in your room under your bed.

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