Lane Bryant Gets New CEO

by Kaycee Hale

Fashion merchandising press, catwalk events, television shows, publicity, etc. seem to frequently center around the young, the thin, the rich, the bold, and the beautiful. Well, Lane Bryant CEO Linda Heasley wants to amp up the merchandising coverage and the conversation to include plus-size fashion and full-figured, real women. Fist-pumping…, yes! It’s way past time that more fashion emphasis was placed on women with curves.

It seems that only a few of our thinner fashion sisters know about Lane Bryant, Curvy Couture, and Ashley Stewart. Perhaps the Full-Figured Fashion Week will change that because the plus-size market is in an interesting place right now. Customer demand for larger sizes in trendy, sophisticated styles is growing in America. Consumers and some industry leaders have been very vocal about the bland and boring choices for fashion-forward women who wear anything bigger than a size 12.

CEO Heasley has a vision to make certain that Lane Bryant focuses more on giving the full-figured customer what everyone else is wearing. She believes that all women deserve great fashion, and that more fashion trends should be incorporated into clothing for that specific customer.

The 800-store Lane Bryant chain serves women in sizes 14-28 and has always invested heavily in manufacturing and merchandising the Cacique (underwear brand) side of the business. As one of her goals, Heasley states that she has directed her management and staff to begin the process of reviewing every single area of the business to determine how the Lane Bryant customer likes to look, how she looks in Lane Bryant apparel, and how she feels in it. Now–, is that just not the most refreshing vision you’ve heard about plus-size customer satisfaction or what?

Project Runway’s Tim Gunn and fashion designer Michael Kors’ support of this apparel industry sector will go a long way in helping to make every fashion consumer, including the plus-size customer, a real trendsetting diva.

Now–that would be true fashion merchandising!



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