Plus-Size Fashion Weekend: The British Are Here

by Kaycee Hale

Fashion forward.  The British are making fashion waves again! This time—it’s with Plus-Size Fashion Weekend.

Recently Rebecca Adams of The Huffington Post did a fabulous article about plus-size model Hayley Hasselhoff. Hayley Hasselhoff? Yep. She’s the 21-year old daughter of famed actor David Hasselhoff. States Hayley, ‘plus-size simply means curvy’. Hot diggity ding dong! Curvy. Yep—those of us who are a whole lot bigger than size zero will willingly cop to that.

I’m certain we’ll all agree with her statement that runway  and catwalk special events  that show different body shapes and sizes make women feel confident with who they are.

Plus-Size Fashion Weekends are now scheduled around the world. Australia and the USA currently present these shows  to overflow audiences of retail buyers who love the fact that they will now be able to better satisfy the majority of their customers.

Even Tim Gunn of Project Runway: Under The Gunn fame, got in on the discussion with a lengthy article written last year by Ellie Krupnick.

Here are a couple of websites that are trying hard to change the plus-size look in style and trends.

Fashion to Figure. This body-contouring stunner hugs all your curves in the very best style ways. The faux leather bottom and zipper detail along with the hint of leg add an alluring sexy edge to this classic piece.

Torrid. Check out this high-impact black and white striped pointy-toe sling back heel. It sports a graphic edge in a shorter 3/5” heel and goes effortlessly from work to dinner to the dance floor.

Plus-Size Fashion Week. For us consumers, that should be every week.

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