Shower Slide Into Fashionable Footwear

by Kaycee Hale

Follow the yellow brick road to the global fashion catwalks and you’ll find styles and accessories that go from fad to fashion to classics.  Fashion merchandising  trends can start with film costumes, television styles, street looks, and whimsical fads.  Now we’ve got a new locale to add to that list.

A new footwear look that started in the privacy of your bathroom  is now showing up front and center. What’s that shoe design trend?  It’s shower slides.

How and where did this footwear design trend begin? Most fashion experts say that it began with Adidas shower slides. They’ve been seen in fashion layouts. They’ve been worn by celebrities hiding from paparazzi. Adidas shower slides were even photographed on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

The shower slides shoe trend has moved right up the fashion ladder to go to the catwalk footwear runway. Prada never stopped making them; the Adidas version is legendary. Fashion reporters  say that the trend goes back to fashion designer Phoebe Philo and her collection for Celine.

“The clean lines and shape of the Adidas sandal are very much on point with where fashion accessories are going right now–the first example that comes to mind on a designer level is the Celine sandals in regards to shape and style,” said stylist Danielle Nachmani.

Have you seen the Prada bicolor Saffiano patent leather with contrasting trim slides at Saks? You’ve just got to love the notation above the $490 price. And I quote…, “due to high demand, a customer may order no more than 3 units of this item every 30 days.” Wow.


Barney’s New York carries a knock-around slide shoe design by Collection Privee. It’s an embellished triple-strap in smooth white leather detailed with multi-tonal grommets and studs. $650.

For the real thing, just grab a pair or two of the unisex Adidas Adilette lifestyle slides. $25.

Ready, set, let’s jump out of the shower and into some stylish lifestyle street slides.

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