Spring Sneakers To And From The Catwalk

by Kaycee Hale

Fashion merchandising is sometimes based on business strategies. Other merchandising tactics happen because the consumer organically mandates it. Still others follow fads that are based on the fabulous creativity of fashion or shoe designers.


Athletic shoes. Sneakers. Tennis shoes. Trainers. Running shoes. Whatever you call them, call them footwear comfort creatures for all times. And now, we can add to that–to and from all places. 

Now that sneakers have moved from the sports arena to the international catwalks, this classic shoe design is flying out of the stores.

Reports indicate that it took 30+ hours for the Massaro atelier to hand-make each pair of sneakers shown at the Chanel spring couture show in Paris. Karl Lagerfeld, you have stolen my spring shoe sole. Sneakers were worn with every single outfit on the catwalk. Talk about a fashion shoe statement!


Raf Simons of Dior took the sneakers into an even more comfortable style. His shoe designs were slip-ons and bejeweled with stars or flowers. For sure, this is couture comfort at its finest.

And just for fun…, you’ve just gotta love these Juicy Couture metallic gold crochet sneakers. How boho baby shoe chic. $58.

For spring, get sneakers instead of stilettos, thereby making your couture as comfortable as you want to be. This fashion merchandising shoe trend is surely athletic-wear transformed.

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